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Communication is one of the most fundamental aspects of human life. Language allows us to learn, express and share ideas, and make build relationships with each other. As English has grown into the world’s most widely spoken language, the need for children to learn English has only continued to increase over the years

The importance of learning English from childhood

It’s a well-known fact that we absorb a new language much more easily as children than we do as adults.


Childhood the best time to start learning English, partly because children have a fantastic capacity to take up a new language, understanding its structures and imitating its sounds a lot faster than adults do. Their spontaneity as kids allows them not to feel self-conscious when they speak and practise English, meaning that they’ll practise more often and with an increased chance of becoming fluent!

What are the proven advantages of speaking English and being bilingual?

We live in a global community where different cultures and languages blend together.  There are more than 6,500 languages around the world spoken by billions of people.  We can’t choose which one we are going to speak as our mother language, but we can decide which language we are going to speak as a second language.

Deciding to learn to speak English is the best choice as it is the most popular second language to learn as well as the language of science, academia, aviation, the media, and the internet, where over SEVERAL million users speak English.

In addition, one of the biggest benefits of speaking English is that it is the language used in international ARENA. If you want to work abroad or advance your career then learning English should be top of your list.

The advantages of speaking a foreign language

There are many social benefits to being bilingual. Being able to speak two or more languages provides the opportunity to travel or even move to another country if you choose to.  It is another great way of learning about the world, widening your horizons and increasing your social development as you are able to interact with more people.

Not having geographical limits is also a great reason to learn an extra language.  You will be able to communicate more easily with people you meet and they will be able to understand you better.

Speaking more than one language has obvious practical benefits in today’s globalized world as it creates greater tolerance and open-mindedness. A wonderful advantage of being bilingual is that an individual has the opportunity to engage and be a part of two different and diverse communities without feeling excluded.

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