WebUse initiates an effort religiously at teaching NRI & other state’s children their native tongue.

As NRI children (or) other state’s , nobody stop not to speak English (or) the language where they live, but to add another language and being their mother tongue, anyone who does not love their mother tongue will lack in confidence and even though they live away from their homeland, they should love and have patronage for their country (or) State and mother tongue. Apart from their mother tongue, motivating them to learn other languages too.  No language is inferior to the other”.

Languages are assets. Learning multiple languages is easier for children than it is for adults, but children who are exposed to languages other than their mother tongue in a foreign country (or) born in other state of India, often miss out on learning their native language. Raising a bilingual child is common in most parts of the world, especially in India, where its more common for children to be raised in a bilingual family or community.


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