The Primary Predictor of Success in Academics, Career and Life -Transferable skills for success in School / college and the workplace

The academic performance is not simply a result of intellectual ability, the other factors that influence student success, even with the less-intellectually gifted students, they can exceed your expectations.

After all, preparation for success in the world of work is one of the most important goals of the education, so it made sense for us to help  students become aware that the soft skills that can help them to succeed in the School / college classroom will also be those they will need to enter and thrive in the workplace after they graduate. This is exactly why soft skills are also known as transferable skills, and why “WebUse” believe they are essential characteristics of students who use their educations to become life-long learners after they graduate

Now everyone has realized that “SOFT SKILLS” in the classroom / work place can play a vital role.

Life consists of choices. You are in control of the development of your soft skills because they result from your conscious decisions to behave or not to behave in certain ways. Please make wise behavioural choices now that will help you to succeed in the future.

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